Powering Down in an Age of Irrational Politics

The politics of pain that is the fashion these days offers an unprecedented opportunity to advance a power-down agenda that will become a necessity in the years ahead. The defining characteristics of the Great Recession, and the Great Depression of the 1930's, are very high unemployment rates while interest rates remain very low. High unemployment [...]

Economic Shift to the East

As the recovery - or lack thereof - continues, it is becoming more clear that there is an important shift in economic power away from Europe and America and toward the emerging Asian economies.  There has always been concern that the Chinese sleeping giant would awake and overtake us, but I doubt that anyone anticipated the entire [...]

Depressing Debt Dogma Distills Deflation Dilemma

As the less-than-adequate federal stimulus funds recede from view, we are left with a sinking realization that this recession is depressingly persistent.  Gains on the employment front have reversed.  A fifth of the population is either unemployed or under employed, so demand for goods and services is lacking.  Without demand, companies aren't hiring.  With the private sector in [...]