The glorious spring weather propels the season forward and we struggle to keep up with nature's beck and call.  This last week the bees have been sitting out on their porch like it was August.  I can tell they are getting restless and want to expand their numbers.  If you are a beekeeper you are supposed to do something [...]

More Squash Practice – Differentiating Squash Species

Despite my patterned planting method to help identify the seedlings coming from seeds I plant, I still have trouble with confusing squash volunteers showing up in the hills.  This year I clearly noticed the interlopers only after blossoms were starting to set fruit.  However, I could have picked up the problems earlier if I had [...]

Squash Seed Saving

Now is the time to be eating all those winter squash harvested in the fall. For squash seed savers, this is the opportunity for quality control and seed selection. Easy control over the selection process is one reason squash seed saving is so much fun. Squash eaters know that there can be large differences in quality from [...]

Squash Planting

The middle of April is the ideal time to plant squash, according to Nick's Spring Seeding Guide.  Squash like warm weather and warm soil to sprout, so the middle of April can be a bit marginal around here.  In my shady garden, any extra time for the winter squash is a benefit worth going for.  If we [...]