The DateTrike Page

The Solar DateTrikE with a Fringe on Top

The DateTrike has been around for more than a decade now. This page is a chronological jump-off point for various posts that involve the DateTrike, its predecessor, and its evolution into the electric era and beyond. It has proven itself to be a rugged craft capable of providing pleasurable relaxed companionable outings.

Quadricycle Fun March 14, 2011

After a couple of years at Burning Man using first just bicycles, then bicycles fashioned with canopies, it became time to invent a more appropriate vehicle for the playa.  The result was our quadricycle.

DateTrike Debut June 17. 2012

The DateTrike is introduced to the world. My goal was not to make another Burning Man festival machine, but rather to create the absolute preferred transportation vehicle for an evening out with my sweetheart and for sociable trips in comfort along the bike paths around Eugene. 

DateTrike Complete April 22, 2013

 A few refinements and finishing details have given the craft a more finished look and some added features.

DateTrike Construction May 26, 2013

Wherever we go on the DateTrike, our vehicle turns heads, gets smiles, and everyone wants one.  Building it was no harder than any other mildly complex project, so I’ll present a few of the details here for those who are up to the challenge.  

DateTrike Meets Burning Man Sept 23, 2013

This year the DateTrike made its way to Black Rock City.  The original inspiration for the craft rose from the desert dust several years ago, so it was an event that had to happen.

The DatetrikE goes Electric July 2, 2022

When the DateTrike made its debut ten years ago, electric bikes were still just a curiosity. But times change, technology advances, and today e-bikes are the rage. Electric assist will make the hills easier, give us more range for the typical joy ride, save the knees, and be just plain fun!

Solar Power for the DateTrikE September 8, 2022

The DateTrikE gets autonomous power in preparation for a trip to Burning Man. I describe the design, build methods, and extra features worked into the new solar canopy. Getting off the grid with new panels results in zero-carbon comfortable transportation for two. Could it be a shade of the future?