DateTrike Complete

The DateTrike made its debut last summer.  Since them there have been a few refinements, and finishing details that have given the craft a more finished look and some added features. The fenders are a big appearance boost, and also keep arms and sleeves off the rear tires. Tubing chain guards keep your pants clean. [...]

DateTrike Debut

Ellen and I came up with the DateTrike concept after our experience with our Burning Man quadricycle demonstrated the pleasure of side-by-side tandem traveling.  What was missing from the quad, cobbled together from a pair of mountain bikes, was performance.  The quad was a lot of fun, but it was hokey even before we put the Hokey Spoke lights on [...]

Quadricycle Fun

UPDATE: Check out our replacement vehicle, the DateTrike!  For all the alternative bike builders out there,  if you get inspired and build something similar, please send me a note and a picture! There is nothing like a trip to Burning Man to open your mind to the endless possibilities of human-powered transportation. The main mode [...]