Fresh Picked Cookies!

Cookie parties come with the holiday season.  It’s a great time to gather with the neighbors, to share a few cookies, drink eggnog and hot mulled wine and other libations, and catch up on the gossip since last year. Some of us can only eat so many sweets before it’s too much,  so this year Ellen and I invented the fresh-picked cookie to take to the party.

There are still a few carrots and kohlrabi in the garden.  This morning I picked some of these veggies and we cut them into “cookie” slices.   Topped with hummus, pesto, and salsa, and decorated with cheese, olives and small slices of carrot, the fresh picked cookies took on a festive appearance that belied their humble vegetable origins.  The key to their delectableness is, of course,  the fresh pick’n.  The carrots are still sweet, and the kohlrabi has that fresh-out-of-the-garden crunch.

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