DateTrike Meets Burning Man

The blog has been on summer vacation, partly because I’ve been too busy having fun to write about it.  But the seasons turn, and every year around labor day, The Man burns in the Nevada desert.

This year the DateTrike made its way to Black Rock City.  The original inspiration for the craft rose from the desert dust several years ago, so it was an event that had to happen.


Burning Man is the ultimate date and the DateTrike was the ultimate together transport on the playa.

Date on the Playa

Night on the playa needs lights. We outfitted the DateTrike with some LED strip lights and EL wire on the back canopy supports. We became part of the pretty playa party.

DateTrike Lights

Otherworldly Spaceship Man beckoned more than 60,000 visitors to Black Rock City this year.

Spaceship Man

And again we were reminded of the impermanence of all things…



  1. Ahhh! I remember running into you two at BM last year!!! My friend and I had another side by side that our family friends built… Seeing your picture with the sunshade attached reminded me of a brief conversation we all had. You two did such an awesome job… I hope to see you there again!


    1. Hi Casandra,
      I think I remember our brief meeting at BM. :)

      If you are in Eugene, keep an eye out for us on the bike paths this summer. Ellen will be going to BM again this year, but I’m going to take a year off. Next project for the DateTrike is to add a sail! When that is up and working I’ll have to go to BM again.
      But please don’t hesitate to build something similar. It is the coolest ride in town! If you ever want to discuss such a project, I’m available.

      1. I believe Natasha and I were the ones who took your picture for you (the top one). It was just last fall, but it seems like forever ago.

        The sail will be perfect for the winds. Hopefully Ellen will bring the DateTrike so she stands out and I recognize her in the sea of people. If not, I will find a way to connect… in the meanwhile, I will be looking for you on the bike paths!

      1. We are in Santa Rosa. We are building our “date trike” to go have some fun at the Arcata race, the Grand Kinetic Championship. We got the wheels by harvesting them from a pair of Mongoose Beasts.

        I used a splitter so that the handbrake activates brake calipers for both rear wheels. I notice your chain and cable tiller system… I built one and then discarded it. I was afraid to rely on my craftsmanship for steering control.

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