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Gary RondeauWelcome to SquashPractice, my attempt to chronicle experiences focused around gardening, beekeeping, and living lightly in a suburban setting in Eugene Oregon.   My wife, Ellen, and I live in the River Road neighborhood in Eugene a few blocks from the river bike path that takes us into town.   Both Ellen and I enjoy the bike paths, especially with Sage our dog running along side our DateTrike.
Most of our one-acre lot is covered with large Douglas Fir trees, so getting enough sunlight is a challenge for gardening. A few years ago I tilled up the front lawn to provide enough space for a serious garden.
I keep two or three hives of bees – not so much because I like honey, but rather because the bees are fascinating creatures, and because “Gary’s Gold” is our trademark general purpose gift and barter product.  The plight of the bees has inspired me to learn about the effects and function of pesticides.  You will find several blog posts on this subject.

I am retired now from being the design engineer at Applied Scientific Instrumentation where I did a lot of electronic design, mechanical and optical engineering, and invention. My formal training included a stint at Cornell University where I received a PhD for work on a large pulsed power ion beam generator.  In recent years I’ve taken up the ham radio hobby and have found the technology and the community stimulating, naturally inspiring a few blog articles.

The blog menu, by general topic, should help you explore where our interests intersect. I strive not to waste my readers’ time, so I don’t post unless I have something to say.  I hope you come by often and leave a comment or two!

Gary Rondeau
Eugene, Oregon



  1. Hi Gary,

    It was nice chatting with you this afternoon. Your amaranth experience is very interesting. I’ll have to give amaranth a try this next year. It is a very beautiful plant and pig weed sure grows great here.

    Looking forward to following your blog,


  2. Hi Gary! It was good chatting to you while unlocking bikes at the Food Justice Conference : ) I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Hi Gary,
    I’d like to meet you to discuss what other community actions we could organize to spread knowledge about agrochemical threat on our food system. I know Slow Food internationally dedicates week of awareness about the daily poisoning effect of conventional agriculture. Have you tried to contact them? Any way, let’s get together to talk about this.

    p.s. You should add a blogger and link-in gadget to your blog.

  4. Hi Gary,
    Good stuff happening on your blog. Thanks for all your compelling writing and helping people to not harm the earth.
    I work with Earth Focus (Link/KCET) and was hoping we could get permission to use your bottles of consumer neonicotinoid products in a show that is currently in production. It is about neonics and their effects on wildlife. Earth Focus is a non profit and we have produced a few shows on chemicals/pesticides. The Kegley piece is a short one: http://www.linktv.org/video/9549/hidden-bee-killers
    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. Toni

  5. Hi Gary,

    I saw your spreadsheet on Pareto. I could dowload it but it not it had problems doing so.
    The sheet1 field BU is not working

    Power Law (n = K /x^a) Prateo (α*X^α)/(x^(α+1))
    #NAAM? 30115156608954
    #NAAM? 2106400595618

    #NAAM? 147331907545
    #NAAM? 62573617226
    #NAAM? 31082955076

    can you help me.
    i’m using excell 2013

    because you are interested in economics please check out my latest article on Piketty


    I appreciate your comment.


    The Netherlands

  6. Love the trike ! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to share with us slugs !! Rob S Rochester NY

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