Twinning Intelligence

We have entered the age of "pretty smart" machines.  There have been some showpieces in the form of Jeopardy's Watson and recently the game playing AlphaGo and AlphaZero machines that far and way bested the best human players at their game.  Notably, unlike previous game playing machines, AlphaZero was never programmed on how to play [...]

States Must Adopt EU Pesticide Regulations to Stop Insect Extinction

The world is in the midst of an insect extinction crisis.  We've all heard about the plight of bees, but the plight of all insect fauna is much less widely appreciated.  The figure below is from a report in Science  a few years ago showing the precipitous decline in insects worldwide.[1] What beekeepers and naturalists [...]

Peak Phosphorous

I've just become aware of another malady that industrial society has to worry about. Peak phosphorous is probably not on your radar yet, but it could be as big a problem for society as peak oil or climate change. Phosphorous is an essential element for all life forms. Phosphate is part of the DNA and [...]