Bean Genes

The mysterious black beans continued to play on my mind last week.  Two things still needed more clarification.  First was the question of origin of my purported Gramma Walters variety, and the second was how bean seed colors work when you do a cross. I talked with Andrew Still a bit more last weekend, and he is [...]

More Squash Practice – Differentiating Squash Species

Despite my patterned planting method to help identify the seedlings coming from seeds I plant, I still have trouble with confusing squash volunteers showing up in the hills.  This year I clearly noticed the interlopers only after blossoms were starting to set fruit.  However, I could have picked up the problems earlier if I had [...]

Sustainable bean poles

How do gardeners make meaningful the concept of "sustainability"?  Purchased soil mixes and organic blended fertilizers and a raised bed kit can make a wonderful instant garden, but manufactured growing space misses the big circle.  The land provides for us; we give back nourishment to the land.  For this circle to be sustainable, we have [...]