More Squash Practice – Differentiating Squash Species

Despite my patterned planting method to help identify the seedlings coming from seeds I plant, I still have trouble with confusing squash volunteers showing up in the hills.  This year I clearly noticed the interlopers only after blossoms were starting to set fruit.  However, I could have picked up the problems earlier if I had [...]

Sustainable bean poles

How do gardeners make meaningful the concept of "sustainability"?  Purchased soil mixes and organic blended fertilizers and a raised bed kit can make a wonderful instant garden, but manufactured growing space misses the big circle.  The land provides for us; we give back nourishment to the land.  For this circle to be sustainable, we have [...]

Powering Down in an Age of Irrational Politics

The politics of pain that is the fashion these days offers an unprecedented opportunity to advance a power-down agenda that will become a necessity in the years ahead. The defining characteristics of the Great Recession, and the Great Depression of the 1930's, are very high unemployment rates while interest rates remain very low. High unemployment [...]

Squash Seed Saving

Now is the time to be eating all those winter squash harvested in the fall. For squash seed savers, this is the opportunity for quality control and seed selection. Easy control over the selection process is one reason squash seed saving is so much fun. Squash eaters know that there can be large differences in quality from [...]

Long Season Crops

I am finding long-season crops more and more satisfying to grow.  Shade in my garden doesn't matter as much once the trees have dropped their leaves.  And the pace of activity imposed by the slow vegetables is more forgiving if I miss a week or two when planting or harvesting. I define long season varieties to be [...]