Berry Daze

The Fourth of July weekend brought beautiful weather for camping up the McKenzie River.  Everything is late this year, including the mountain wildflowers.  The meadows were carpeted with little pale blue flowers and deep blue larkspur, with paintbrush adding accent. Arriving home, the berries and peas needed picking.  The strawberries are just about done, but there are [...]

Magic Microbes?

[ Update 7/13/2010 Most of the plants in the beds have matured.  Some did well, other not so well.  I've come to believe that the differences in plant hight noted below have a more prosaic cause.  The two beds were built similarly, and are similarly located in the garden, but I suspect that Bed B is slightly [...]

Tomato Futures

I invested in tomato futures this week end.  Ellen and I rode our bikes to Saturday Market and I returned with the panniers filled with a dozen tomato plants.  There are so many varieties of tomatoes that I'm always sure to find something new and different.  This year I returned with Pineapple, Brandywine, Isis Candy, Black Plum, and Tula, [...]

Squash Planting

The middle of April is the ideal time to plant squash, according to Nick's Spring Seeding Guide.  Squash like warm weather and warm soil to sprout, so the middle of April can be a bit marginal around here.  In my shady garden, any extra time for the winter squash is a benefit worth going for.  If we [...]

Spring Beds

The sun was out on Saturday, some of my lettuce starts were crowding the borders of their six-packs, so it was time to transplant.  In the past I would rototill virtually all of the garden.    Lots of vegetables came out of the garden using that method, but as I've tried to garden more year-round, [...]