DateTrike Complete

The DateTrike made its debut last summer.  Since them there have been a few refinements, and finishing details that have given the craft a more finished look and some added features.

DateTrike Complete
The fenders are a big appearance boost, and also keep arms and sleeves off the rear tires. Tubing chain guards keep your pants clean.

DateTrike Deck

I finished the rear deck which includes a storage area under a sliding door for a place to carry travel essentials.  Lighting was also added.  A front hub generator provides ready power for both a nice bright headlight and the pair of LED tail lights.  Good lighting makes for a pleasurable ride home from the theatre late a t night.

Ellen and Sammy

Sammy the dog is always ready to go for a run with the trike, and so is Ellen!

Even though the trike is now officially complete, there is one more accessory that is still to come, and that is the canopy.  If all goes well, the DateTrike will be coming to Black Rock City later this year and we will need the shade.


  1. So cool. When will you start mass-producing them?

    Bo Young 22 County Rte 27 Granville, NY 12832 518-642-8109

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