Totality Awesome

The last time the moon cast its shadow on my part of the planet was in 1979 on a dreary day in Seattle.  I noticed that the rain was darker that morning, but otherwise the occasion was uneventful.  This time around Ellen managed an invitation to watch the ecplise and make music with some friends in the country near Salem.  It was the perfect location for viewing the eclipse with a sloping view to the east, and it came along with an awsome potluck feast and music making into the night hours Sunday evening.

Before setting out, I spent a few minutes with some optical parts from our kit at work so that I could take some pictures when the time came.  We had a Cannon EOS M large sensor “mirrorless” camera which I fitted with a 400 mm focal length simple achromatic fixed focus lens.  I found a few neutral density filters and tested the rig on the sun to make sure I could actually get images. Here are few of the nicer images I was able to obtain during the eclipse. Click on them to fill your screen with awesome totality.


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