Burning Hot Burning Man 2022

After a two-year Covid hiatus, Burning Man was back for 2022. We planned this year to stay for the entire event including the temple burn on Sunday evening. The weather was very hot and dusty, but the art was hotter.

Our Playa Home

The first dust storm destroyed the pop-up shade garage. But the rest of the little home on the playa survived the big dust storm on burn day. A minor accident with the DateTrike broke the solar canopy supports so we were open to the stars on burn night and on the Sunday temple burn. (click on the montages below to scroll through the full size images)

Little Church of Hopes and Prayers

 Unbound: A Library in Transition by Julia Nelson-Gal

Animals on the Playa

Temple Scenes

The Temple is in many ways the spiritual center of Burning Man. A place to remember and share with others those who have passed, it is also a good place to start a new life with a wedding. This year, in the shade of the Temple on Saturday morning, the Black Rock Philharmonic gave us a concert. We missed the concert the day before at the Paradisium, but you can find a nice video here of the Paradisium morning concert.

Trash Fence Art Pieces

Often you will find wonderful art in the far reaches of the playa near the trash fence, which demarcates the out reaches of Black Rock City.

Homage au Dali by Jack Champion (inspired by Salvador Dali “Los Elephantes”)

Night lights

Paradisium by Dave Keane & Folly Builders

Old Friends

Barbie Death Camp, El Pulpo Mechinco, and a light-box art piece with depictions of previous years’ art pieces reminds us of the Burning Man’s continuity.

Facing the Fearbeast by Tigre Mashaal-Lively

Marco Cochrane’s Gaia (2022) and Truth is Beauty (from 2013)

Fire Art

The Man

Art on the Open Playa

Making Music on the Playa

The thump-thump of a techno bass line never leaves the playa, but there are a few places of respite. One night we found RootPile, a live bluegrass band, and the Jazz Station provided an evening’s entertainment as well. During the day, Ellen found performance spaces at HOTD (Hair of the Dog) and The Lost Penguins. The Lost Penguins became a daytime hangout when it was too hot and dusty, with endless water, lemonade, Penguin Pee (vodka and lemonade) and snow cones, with good musicians stopping by to play with Luap and the other Penguin musicians.


  1. Awesome you two. Thought you must be there since I sent e-mail a couple weeks ago and had not heard back. Was wondering if you were there for the dust storm. Glad you survived, despite some shelter destruction.

    1. Avoiding the rough road in the middle, I was traveling near the edge and did not see the RV “popout” in my path. The canopy clipped it and the supports gave out at a couple of the connection points — Fortunately no damage to the main panel and just about everything is repaired again, now at home with the epoxy.

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