Burning Man Art Encounter

I’ve been slow getting things on the blog for a while now;  from September…

The DateTrike returned for its second trip to Black Rock City again this year.  With smoke in the valley, we headed for the dust. It was a fun time, as is usually the case for the world’s biggest art party.

We set up our little house on the playa.  Everything clean and tidy before the first little dust storm christened us with playa patina.

The dust settled and gave us a beautiful first evening on the playa.

We come for the art and it did not disappoint. This was our first encounter with Euterpe, the 20 ft. tall girl from another planet that has landed in Black Rock City.  As she walks around the playa she talks to us and tells us about her planet and the love and beauty she sees here.

The fashion conscious marionette has a fresh change of clothes every day.

Here art meets art in an encounter between Euterpe and the beautiful Tree of Ténéré.

When not walking around the playa she rests in her bedroom preparing for a busy evening.

Watching the Man burn like the rest of us!

The Tree of Ténéré seemed to provide shade in the day time,

in the evening it glowed with Autumnal colors,

at night the continually changing colored leaves provides a beacon across the playa.

Another favorite piece of art was La Victrola, a giant Art Nouveau phonograph.

One evening Tapper Dan and his band put on quite a show here. A house full of partiers pulled up to watch the show as well as us with the DateTrike.

Many other art pieces were also impressive and beautiful. This Gaudiesque tower…

was illuminated with pleasing pastels at night…

and would abruptly emit an explosive fireball when you least expected it.

Other bits of cool art include this Star Wars relic.

The Date Trike took us around the playa again this year.

The people and costumes  make the scene.

That’s me reflected in the heart shaped sunglasses!

The best part is sharing it all with my sweetie.

Of course there is the Man, and the proof that we were there.

But the Man must burn before it is all over.  First the fireworks…

then the explosion…

and then it burns…


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